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Fashion Will Save Us – Catalytic Clothing

catalytic-clothing dress purifies air conde nast traveller innovation award

Fashion can save many things from helping you to pull off an interview to persuading legions of women to part with their cash for charity or care about the environment just because Vivienne said so.

And it looks like fashion’s latest mission is air quality. Conde NastTraveller just gave an Innovation and Design award (in the Sustainability category) to Catalytic Clothing, a project between fashion designer/ LCF Professor Helen Storey and university Professor/scientist Anthony Ryan.

The Catalytic Clothing products – like the dress above – use the surface area of the clothes to purify the air around us. It works like this: the fabric is treated with nano-titania (very small particles of titanium dioxide) and this then works as a catalyst to speed up the process of converting pollution in the air to harmless particles. All that good work and they don’t look too shabby either.

‘Field of Jeans’ is currently being exhibited at the Danish Design Centre in Copenhagen plus another Catalytic Clothing project ‘Herself’ is showing until August in Dubai.

Watch the Catalytic Clothing video or find out more about their plans on the website.


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