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Is there anything she can’t do? Mary Portas turns her hand to lingerie design

It was back in 2007 that Mary ‘Queen of Shops’ Portas burst onto our television screens in her quest to change the face, and hopefully the fate, of various faltering shops around the U.K.  Carried out in the smilar heroic fashion that saw her almost single-handedly revive the once flailing reputation of uber-posh department store Harvey Nichols, subsequently catapulting it to the iconic status which it currently enjoys today.

Leading on from Versayce’s post, ‘Can Mary be the Queen of Shoes too?’, the question I’ve now been left pondering after attending a Yellowdoor PR (Portas’ own company) event is can Mary be the Queen of everything?  In retail that is!  So far the retail genius’ innovative vision and inimitable ability to spot gaps in the market has meant practically everything she touches, quite literally, turns to gold. It would seem Ms Portas has her sights set on world domination and her next port of call happens to be our under-garments.

Not content just collaborating with Clarks, Portas has now branched out further by creating a range with Lingerie brand Charnos, including a statement hosiery collection specifically designed to sculpt and smooth away any unfavourable lumps and bumps. Essentially a selection of on-trend styled tights complete with the reassuring hold of control pants. Killing two birds with one stone as a result and tiding us over while we continue on our seemingly never-ending pursuit to one day achieve ownerhsip of a smaller, far firmer posterior.

If I were to roll off a list of the most common things us ladies are guilty of complaining about regarding our appearances then we could be here all day, however one of the top five things for many tends to be arm related issues. I personally know very few women who haven’t had some sort of grievance with theirs. Sound familar? If so, good news as Mary and Charnos may just have a solution.

Described as ‘Part armour, part hosiery,’ these great little inventions better known as Armery, are a nice alternative and slight upgrade from a typical cardigan or bolero. They act almost like Spanx but for your arms and similar to the aforementioned hosiery collection these also come in a variety of chic designs to suit every occasion.

You can get your hands on some of Mary’s goods at House of Fraser, and prices start at a purse happy £10.50.


One comment on “Is there anything she can’t do? Mary Portas turns her hand to lingerie design

  1. lizzierosejewellery
    June 1, 2012

    I rather like Mary Portas, she’s definitely entertaining to watch and her ideas are innovative. I love the look of the arm Spanx! Thanks for the update, news travels slowly to Singapore about the British High Street. Cath.

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