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The Scottish Fashion Awards 2012 prove that Scotland is a fashion force to be reckoned with

There’s more to Scotland than kilts and ceilidhs you know, as the seventh annual Scottish Fashion Awards proved this week.

During my short but – so far – colourful life as a Scot it has come to my attention some people can have rather warped ideas of what goes on up here in bonny Scotland. No, we aren’t part of Northern England; no, we don’t tend to ceilidh dance in the clubs along to the latest Usher jam (yes, unfortunately this is actually something I’ve been asked) and no, we are not all one more pint and/or bottle of wine away from liver failure. For those around the world who aren’t as misinformed, Haggis and the Loch Ness Monster aside, we are of course the people who brought you the television and the telephone. It’s fair to say our contribution to the modern world has been considerable and it’s the same story with contemporary fashion.

There is a whole event in New York city called ‘Dressed to Kilt’ dedicated to celebrating how Scottish culture and fashion has resonated on an international level throughout the years and Scottish traditional dress influence continues to permeate through the top catwalk shows. One of the most recent instances being designer Corrie Nielsen’s Autumn/Winter 2012 offering which Katie attended during London Fashion Week. As regards fashion, Scotland is about so much more than just Kilts and Tartan and now we have our very own awards ceremony to prove it.

Tali Lennox, Model of the Year, Scottish Fashion Awards, modelling

This week saw the seventh annual Scottish Fashion Awards return to the city of Glasgow, complete with signature Tartan red carpet. Founded back in 2005 by PR heavyweight Tessa Hartman, owner of Hartmann Media, who has been voted as one of The Sunday Herald’s Top 100 Most Influential Women in Scotland, this is how Tessa sums up the awards:

This event isn’t just about promoting Scottish fashion; it’s about promoting a fashionable Scotland! There are Caledonista’s everywhere – my job is to put them on the global fashion map. These awards now stand as benchmark for Scottish fashion talent working in the industry around the world.

This year, the impressive Judging panel consisted of editors and fashion journalist bigwigs from some of the world’s most prestigious publications including Sarah Mower from Vogue, Sarah Maino from Italian Vogue and Paula Reed from Grazia. Awards include Scottish Young Designer, Brand, Accessories Designer, Fashion Icon, Photographer, Model of the Year and Graduate of the year to name but a few. Talented London Fashion Week staple, Christopher Kane bagged the coveted Scottish Designer of the Year accolade while iconic journalist and Fashion Fringe founder, Colin McDowell MBE walked off with the Fashion Ambassador award on the night.

Christopher Kane, Scottish Fashion Awards, Designer of the Year, Fashion Designer, Vogue

Colin McDowell, fashion journalist, The Sunday Times Style, Author, Fashion Ambassador Award, Scottish Fashion Awards

Considering the number of important figures from the fashion industry that were honoured, and who continue to back the event, would it be completely out of place to speculate whether a Scottish Fashion Week is all that far behind?


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