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Abercrombie & Fitch Send Up: Call Me…Definitely

It’s Monday morning and no doubt you’re depressed and putting on your winter clothes for the third consecutive week in JUNE, so I have a little treat to cheer you all up.  Now, what happens when you get about a gazillion bona-fide topless male Abercrombie & Fitch models from different capital cities around the world, add the sickest, happiest song of 2012, and get said puppets, I mean models, to mime along like they understand whats going on and jump out of flower beds, do a choreographed routine in front of the Notre Dame, and jiggle their pecks all for your entertainment?  Well…this is what happens people!

Did anyone else notice the select few models who REALLY got in to this?  Now, I am not one to necessarily objectify the male kind, but come on, when it is this funny…And let’s face it, even though I (along with many of our readers I guess) despise Abercrombie & Fitch with a burning passion, it is slightly refreshing to see male models being objectified rather than female ones.  And with the added bonus of a sprinkling of humour.  And wait, what is this?  A mixed raced model?!  Wow, Abercrombie must have finally got the memo Kennedy sent out in 1964.  Anyway, call me yeah?


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