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My New Addiction: Vagenda Magazine

Something’s been happening to me of late.  I never assumed I would morph in to this, but somehow, it IS happening, and my appetite for it is becoming somewhat insatiable.  Now, I’m not too sure what initially triggered my new vested interest off.  Perhaps it was work colleagues, friends…but I do know that the discovery of Vagenda Magazine  online is the main source of my new FEMINIST addiction.

Argh, no ‘FEMINIST’ she says!   All man-hating and bra-burning and the rest of that stereotypical crap. Well, no actually.  Unfortunately, the word ‘feminism’ is immersed in negative connotations these days, and for many women, it can even be an embarrassing word to declare in public.  A view I even loosely held until quite recently.  Now I don’t really give a shiz.  And why should I?  Or you for that matter?  Did you know that the inventor of Wonder Woman, Charles Moulton, declared himself an early feminist?  And that in the 1940s, his fictional creation was held in such high regard and has since been praised as a beacon of hope by lady figures from Maggie Thatcher to Hilary Clinton.  Thanks to Wonder Woman, women could see themselves for the first time standing NEXT to Superman, and even surpassing him, rather than at home baking him a non-kryptonite pie for his tea.  Moulton also invented the lie detector but that’s a different story…

zoo magazine vagenda magazine zoo magazine anti-feminist 21st century feminism

Someone actually got paid to come up with that…

Growing up never even thought about how women are viewed in society.  Now I look back and think is this because modern day women are so desensitised to blatant male objectification (Nuts, Zoo, I blame you) or was it because I was lucky enough to be brought up by a strong independent woman? Or because the main male role models I had were pretty effing awesome (my grandad still treats my Grandma like a Queen after 65 years of marriage, and why shouldn’t he?).  But having entered my young adultness, I have finally been awoken to how painfully patriarchal main stream culture truly is, and how much it is treating future generations to freely objectify women to the point where it is universally accepted, even by WOMEN.  Take Grazia, More! Magazine, Cosmo…all these fluff filled rags do is teach young impressionable women how to please a man.  Is there a male equivalent? Is there fuck.

zoo magazine vagenda magazine zoo magazine anti-feminist 21st century feminism

So I implore you, male or female, give yourself over to Vagenda for at least a quick glance.  I promise it is more than just feminist shpeel, and guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised, and maybe, just maybe, it might open your eyes too. 


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2 comments on “My New Addiction: Vagenda Magazine

  1. Jo Rush
    June 28, 2012

    If you haven’t already, you must read Caitlin Moran’s book “How To Be A Woman” which totally gets to grips with feminism for real modern-day women and is also frickin’ hilarious!

  2. Helen Coakley
    June 30, 2012

    Thanks Jo! I meant to read this a while ago but totally forgot about it! Trip over to Amazon now I think!

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