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HOWE make music for a lost generation and they’re looking at you, kids


I went along to the launch of HOWE’s Bolt from the Blue EP launch at the Hoxton Underbelly this week and found a band who can’t sit still musically and are wonderful for it. Every track in the set, including the three excellent offerings posted on SoundCloud and some new tunes, mixed things up no end. HOWE kept their audience hanging on every sudden change in tempo or wondering where that bluesy outro came from.

With Niall Lavelle (of Gentleman’s Dub Club fame) on drums, Ben Hayes on bass and Eric Brünjes on guitar it’s frontman Ralph Brünjes – who prances around on stage like a mad alternative-rock fairy – who will catch your eye in HOWE’s live shows. He’s easy on the ears too, as are the accessible but witty lyrics and jangly guitars.

Hand over your email address at HOWE’s sign-up page to get news from this quietly confident quartet or make plans to bob your head at one of their upcoming gigs at Motherbar in Old Street (11th July) and The Troubadour (2nd August). And before the first track is out, your left foot will no doubt join the fray to show some appreciation for HOWE’s lithe and lively melodies.

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