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Role models | An ode to Nora Ephron

I recently found myself squirming in my chair and simultaneously weeping for humanity after watching several minutes of Katie Price’s TV show on Sky Living featuring hundreds of young girls, many no older than 14, professing their love for the former glamour model and describing how they aspire to be like her. After the initial bad taste left in my mouth subsided I started thinking about modern day female role models – healthy or otherwise – and two women in particular who fall into this category. They have both been in the news frequently this past week but for very different reasons and my guess is that, through no fault of your own, you most likely know more about one than the other.

First up is the increasingly ubiquitous and – by her own admission – somewhat talentless Miss Kim Kardashian, who in recent years has continuously wowed us with her incredible beauty and fabulous body. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the multi-talented and legendary journalist, screenwriter, author, producer, director, essayist, playwright and even blogger who helped pave the way for a generation of contemporary female writers, Nora Ephron, who sadly died last week, aged 71.


Epron had a career which spanned decades and was known for creating some of the most popular romantic comedies including ‘When Harry Met Sally’ (who can forget the orgasm in the café scene?) and ‘Sleepless in Seattle’. Aside from her impressive contribution to the world of film, Ephron will forever be remembered as someone whose ability to reach out to women from many different backgrounds on a personal level was second to none. Two of her most famous books, ‘I Feel Bad About My Neck’ and, more recently, ‘I Remember Nothing’ are reknowned as humorous survival guides for the ageing woman. While Ephron was on the whole associated more with an older generation she still found time to impart her pearls of wisdom to us young’uns, claiming the key to a happy life was to ‘marry an Italian.’ During a speech she gave at her former college she implored the audience: ‘Don’t be frightened. You can always change your mind. I know, I’ve had four careers and three husbands.’

In conclusion, while I understand why Kim Kardashian and Katie Price etc have taken full advantage of the extremely lucrative opportunities presented to them on account of their looks, I would rather look up to, read about and be inspired by Ephron’s legacy.


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