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Sex and Sniff: The Fragrances Now Brought To You From HBO

Hey Carrie!  Miranda! Samantha! Charlotte!  You’re starting to smell like desperation, ladies.  And it’s not even your fault.  This week, HBO launched two new fragrances AND deodorants under the Sex and The City title, off the back of the original launched last fall.  Maybe this is the only way HBO can keep flogging this dead horse.  But boy, does that horse smell fresh!

Sex and the city perfume

I could smell HOW GOOD?!

Sex and The City perfume HBO store HBO Sex and the city perfume

With the new fragrances only available in the HBO store and online and, peculiarly, in some store in the Netherlands, will you have to travel to Manhattan to smell like, well, Manhattan?  Entitled Sunrise and Sunset, the spritz-police declare these are the perfumes all aspiring Carries and co will wear from brunch through to Happy Hour.  And maybe to Steve’s Bar perhaps?  Now, I’m not going to regurgitate the ‘key notes’ that make up these fragrances.  Nobody actually cares about that guff. Although I am yet to test out said floral notes and tangy citrus whatevers, I will say that you have got to admire a TV show for jumping on the celebrity perfume bandwagon with no shame at all. Carrie probably had more input in the creative process (despite being fictional) than Rihanna, Britney and J.Lo had in theirs. It’s like Katie Price ‘writing’ all those books.

Sex and The City perfume HBO store HBO Sex and the city perfume

On the plus side, celeb perfumes usually retail for far cheaper than their designer counterparts, and thus this generally forms the basis of their retail attraction.  I’m a firm believer in Halle Berry by day, and Gucci Flora by night – hell, I’m not using up all my Gucci to impress fellow commuters darlings.  With these Sex and the City fragrances retailing at £22.50, you, and I, might be pleasantly surprised!

Get your Sex and the City Sunset and Sunrise perfumes in the HBO store and online.

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