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Oh Nicky you’re so fine! How Grimshaw is set to shake up the morning airwaves

Last week some shocking news hit the airwaves.  Chris Moyles, self-proclaimed ‘saviour of Radio 1’ and the UK’s very own human Marmite, announced his retirement from the station’s most coveted slot, the breakfast show.

Now, I’m not a massive Moyles fan, but I don’t particularly want to see him choke on his own ego either (unlike Frankie Boyle it seems, who’s twitter timeline would suggest a general disregard, to sugar coat it, for the DJ).   However, this has paved the way for what the Beeb are calling ‘fresher, younger talent’ and quite rightly so.  Radio 1, like all other stations, is a business, and must roll with the times. Hell, that’s why they HAVE Radio 2.  Think of it as a resting home for the aging broadcasters of Yester Year, so to speak. Ok, I’m exaggerating, but Jo Wiley must have put on a brave face when she found out she was off the Live Lounge and heading to the quiet corner.  Oh, and just a word of warning Fearne; if I was you, I’d stop banging on about the fact your now 30 and back track quick, for your own sake.

Chris Moyles Radio 1 Nick Grimshaw replacing 2012

Nick Grimshaw Grimmy Radio1 Breakfast show

This does mean, however, a new host will be greeting you at the breakfast table come September.  And I do believe I am one of the few people who are genuinely excited that nick Grimshaw will be taking over.  Now, this may have something to do with the fact I am plagued with the worst taste in men, or the fact I find a northern camp accent extremely sexy (trust me, my birthday present to myself next year may in fact be therapy) but I do genuinely find ‘Nicky Grimaj’ extremely refreshing compared to the host of other DJs on parade throughout the day.  So good luck Grimmy, and…call me maybe?


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