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Downton dressing: Gracia Woman

Gracia Woman tweed jacket ethical fashion

I have to say, I never thought I’d have a craving to wear tweed, but Gracia Woman’s ‘Cliveden’ jacket has given me one. There’s something timelessly British about it. Perhaps all this Royal Wedding/Jubilee/Olympics stuff is finally getting to me. Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m marrying an American – something about looking pointedly British is suddenly very appealing. Another tweed trigger is bound to be those stylish Downton Abbey ladies. Let’s all put on our riding jackets and go hunting, what what?

Just as a side note (you all know how obsessed with ethical fashion I am by now), Gracia Woman happens to be ‘eco-luxe’. They were recently awarded the Positive Luxury Blue Butterfly trust mark, and design all their pieces to last using Scottish Glen Mills tweed and fine Italian wool, keeping important European skills from dying out.

Cliveden tweed jacket Gracia Woman ethical fashionRaquel Gracia of Gracia Woman says: “Having a Blue Butterfly trust mark helps communicate the values of Gracia Woman – that fashion can be luxurious, beautiful and ethical.”

Downton Abbey Vogue fashion shoot

In other exciting Downton related news, if you enjoyed Vogue‘s Downton Abbey fashion shoot earlier this year you’ll be glad to hear that Vintage Seekers, the British website dedicated to original 20th century design and collectibles, are going to be adding to their couture dress collection with a selection of 1920’s original beaded pieces. Just in time for the film release of our favourite 1920’s trend setting classic, The Great Gatsby, too. Have you seen the trailer yet? It’s spine tinglingly cool.


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