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Skincare Steals|Hero beauty buys under a fiver

The best beauty buys aren’t always the most expensive. Here Joanna shares some of her favourite money-saving products.

Ever since the ‘bad years’ have been upon us, magazines have embraced recession-busting features on how to shop smarter and spend less.  However, sometimes ’50 under £50′ doesn’t always ring bargain bells in my ears. I’m your typical paycheque to paycheque sort of a creature and frequently endure pre-payday pinch.  However my one vice, which usually pushes me into the depths of my overdraft, is my obsession with beauty buys. I am an avid ‘product’ enthusiast; my dining room table is no longer a social eating space but a high-tech testing lab for the myriad of tinctures and tonics I’ve amassed. Here, I’ve whittled down a few of my favourite purchases that don’t have to wait until payday:

Firstly, don’t write-off basic or unbranded products.  The key is to go for cheaper ranges of larger umbrella brands as ultimately the extensive R&D trickles down to lower-end ranges.  The newly launched Simply Pure range by Superdrug has been well reviewed and as serums are usually costlier skincare items, this version is a bargain: Simply Pure Aqua Hydrating Serum£4.99 Brands like Nivea who offer a huge spectrum of skincare also do basics really well:  Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream SPF 8 50ml, £3.99


Another hint is to be creative and multi-task your products.  For example Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera, £1.99 works perfectly as a soothing under eye night cream. Additionally, Tesco Baby Newborn Wipes, £1.36 can substitute more expensive facial cleansing wipes.  They’re designed for teeny babies so chances are they won’t irritate your skin.


Traditional skincare is often over-looked in favour of modern alternatives, however sometimes it hasn’t been fixed because it ain’t broke.  Boots Traditional Glycerin and Rosewater, £2.32 is simple, contains just a handful of ingredients and feels like a toner and lightweight serum in one. Similarly The Body Shop Cucumber Cleansing Milk, £4 is another excellent basic. Ignore the bland packaging and get stockpiling.


Sleep deprived eyes don’t always need a miracle cream.  Eye drops can instantly brighten eyes and wake you up at the same time, Sainsbury’s Dry Eyes Drops, £2.60.

For problem skin Tea Tree Toner Water, £3.95 by Lush is a gentle spritz that balances oily skin without drama. Perfect for travel, the handbag sized spray has antibacterial properties which refreshes skin during a long flight or in hot weather.

Finally, save on cotton pads by switching to face-cloth cleansing.  Once associated with childhood bath times, flannels are back.  Buy a few and rotate, throwing one in the washing machine after each day.  These are lovely and as they are reusable, are definitely in my top 5 under £5: Organic Pharmacy Muslin Cloth £3.80

Share your own skincare steals in a comment below.


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