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Festival Fashion: The Teenage Bum Rebellion

I’ll freely admit I’m a festival fashion addict.  I spend hours pouring over blogs, online shopping festival sections, and screen grabbing a gazillion Coachella festival outfits all in the vain attempt I could ever look that stylish whilst knee-deep in mud.  But lets not get this confused with actually being a festival addict.  I love a good day festival, but the only way I will ever do Glasto is if im in a Teepee with its very own en-suite.   But having been to a few ‘dayers’ this year so far in order to feed my festival fashion addiction, I have noticed a particular festival trend that’s got me all depressed and feeling like an old lady…and that’s the Teenage Bum Brigade.

Festival Fashion: The Teenage Bum Rebellion

I bet Miley had something to do with this…

Now, I did have a few pics to illustrate this, but don’t want to add to any teen angst, but seriously, whatever spunky fashion editor over at Teen Vogue, Sugar or Mizz (is that even still going?  Gosh I hope so) introduced the most impressionable age group EVER to denim knick-knacks has a lot of underage arse pinching to answer for.  Now, my hatred of seeing these young innocent girls with their derrieres out in  a muddy field is that it really makes me feel uncomfortable, and run up to them and offer my knee-length coat.  And not because I couldn’t pull it off (incidentally, I couldn’t if I tried.  Having no hint of a hip makes even the Large Levis cut offs unbearable to wear, dammit).  No, it makes me uncomfortable as I cannot comprehend how so many girls snuck past their parents wearing them!  Or the fact you would even want to risk this level of hem sans tights.  But on the other hand I would never have had the confidence at that age to pull this off.  So maybe its a good thing they do.  before the Cellulite kicks in anyway.   It’s just that it baffles me how getting one’s arse out for the crowd is so de rigour this season (as long as your under 16 mind.  Any older and can take a hike, Grandma).

festival fashion denim hot pants

How to nail it if you’re over 16

The only reasoning behind the denim clad bottom brigade is that one popular brave girl dared to bare, and all her Gretchen Weiners like friends (you know, from mean Girls) responded accordingly.  Maybe next season, they will all start wearing Pink on Thursdays, too.  So what do you think?  Am I being a Grandma, or is this a little too far for the fields of V etc?


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