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Do it like a Druid, and other fancy free days out around London…

Having worked in central London for nearly two years now, my purse strings have finally caught up with my heart and I am now proud to say I now live in London.  However, this city, it be mighty expensive, and thus I have been looking at what cheap (or even free) thrills there are to have in our dear nation’s capital.  And boy, there are a lot.  Seriously, am I the only one who hyperventilates when I scan through Time Out magazine? With all eyes on Stratford for the next month or so, providing the World with its sporting fix, it is easy to forget there are many other experiences to be had through which you can avoid becoming olympified.

First on my free(ish)-thrills agenda are the floating markets that can be found along Union Canal.  Having headed over there last week one evening in the gorgeous sunshine, you are more than welcome to sit on the grass outside the Palm Tree Pub at Mile End and soak up the atmosphere.  Imagine old world barge boats along the canal serving drinks, food (BBQ style straight off the boat), selling books and playing live music onboard for your delight.  It’s old-school charm and offbeat location means it can provide a dose of respite if you are looking to escape the hoards of tourists from the Olympic Park (ironically located just down the road).   So if you fancy getting your float on, head down before the 11th when the barges are set to sail off down stream.

floating markets what to do around london for free free london August 2012 free london Summer 2012 the palm tree mile end 2012

Secondly, and I say this with much anticipation, Sacrilege is in town.  If you haven’t yet heard about Jeremy Deller’s work of art, well, think of it as a giant inflatable Stonehenge.  Because that’s exactly what it is my friend.  A GIANT INFLATABLE STONEHENGE!  The pagan king of all bouncy castles is currently on tour around the UK (dates can be checked here) and you too can do it like a Druid for absolutely free in and around London’s parks throughout August.  Seriously, how can anyone not be excited by this?

Sacriledge 2012 Jeremy Deller 2012 turner prize winner Jeremy Deller inflatable stonehendge stonehendge bouncy castle 2012


So for all you guys who fancy a break from the Olympics, like we haven’t heard enough about it for the last 7 years, go check out my little findings if you haven’t already, and feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments box below.  My purse strings and I will be much obliged.


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