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Beauty Basics|Skincare gadgets

In the next of her weekly Beauty Basics columns, Joanna gives you the lowdown on some essential skincare gadgets.


There’s always been a lot of hype surrounding the Clarisonic electric facial brush.  To some it may look like a spinning nail brush, but this celebrity-favourite is a formidable gadget.  I personally haven’t tried this brand (feel free to send me one for Christmas) however I’ve made do with the cheaper DDF alternative. Much like an electronic toothbrush, the bristles oscillate (at variable speeds) making easy work of a face wash.  I’m not entirely sure of the science, but to me brushing my teeth with a battery operated toothbrush feels a lot more thorough than a manual, and I assume the same goes for your skin. Advantages are said to include deep cleaning, better utilisation of your cleanser, gentle exfoliation, reduction in oily areas/dry patches/blemishes and smoother skin.  I am quite easily sold on skincare gadgets and in this case, I’ll take two.

Clarisonic Classic, £155


As the concept is a simple one, you should be able to find a similar gadget within your price-range:

DDF Revolve 400X Micro-Polishing System, $98 

 Body Shop Facial Brush With Lid, £3 


These are readily available in all pharmacists and are great year-round for smoothing skin and boosting circulation in one energetic shower dance. Essential for self-tanning prep or in the depths of winter when your legs haven’t seen the light of day for seven months.

Body Exfoliating Gloves, £2.75



I know it looks weird and when you use it you feel like you’re pretending to mow your face like a lawn, but these simple rollers have received glowing reviews. Apparently you’re meant to do it at night after serum and/or moisturiser to ‘push’ the product into your skin (see visual instruction) whilst simultaneously massaging the skin without dragging or damaging delicate skin tissue. I’ve been using it for a few weeks – my boyfriend is understandably confused by the face rollering regime and I can’t say it’s rocked my world but you never know, when I’m 35 I could look 22….

 Facial Massager, £6


Other massaging gadgets to try:

Face Massage Mini Mitt, £4

 Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Awakening Face Massager, £8.50 

Next week I’ll be looking at the best lip balms.


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