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Wedding season outfit recycling

You may not have as many weddings to go to this year as Joanna has, but you can still be inspired by her sensible approach to outfit choices and avoid having to shell out on a multitude of new wedding-worthy ensembles.

I’ve just returned from my 7th wedding of the year. I couldn’t count the numerous champagne ‘clinks’ or canapés devoured but if all the wedding catering I’d consumed was laid out before me (much like a diet programme) I’m sure it would cover quite some surface area. I’ve got a total of 11 this year which is a full calendar when you also consider the hen-party commitments that go with them. Despite appearances I don’t have an overabundance of friends; I just seem to have hit a peak year whereby age, multiplied by boyfriend’s friends plus family functions equates to a bumper wedding season.

In summary so far:

1 x destination wedding in Bali

2 x church weddings

2 x Cornish coastal weddings

1 x Indian wedding

1 x Welsh wedding

I was a bridesmaid at my sister’s and one is actually mine so it’s not just been a succession of parties…at some I’m actually expected to take part. Obviously gift lists, accommodation and travel take up the bulk of  expenditure so on a few occasions I’ve, gasp, worn the same dress.  I don’t think outfit replication is quite the offence it’s considered and I’m in good company as high-profile outfit recycler Kate Middleton must have had those LK Bennett pumps re-heeled thrice this summer alone. Also it seems unreasonable to commit to a whole new ensemble when male guests only have to alternate a grey/navy suit and grapple with a simple tie selection. No fair.

Here’s a rundown of my 7 seven wedding guest looks of 2012. With a few key dresses and jackets you can mix and match with existing accessories to create the illusion of an endless wardrobe full of chapel-to-disco appropriate outfits.


Apparently some couples are reluctant to get married in ‘unlucky for some’ 2013 so perhaps it’ll be a quieter year.  I can kick back and cash in those motorway miles in anticipation of 2015 when I’ll be chronicling my busy summer of *gulp* baby showers.


3 comments on “Wedding season outfit recycling

  1. Claudine Edwards
    August 8, 2012

    Gok wan would be proud. ;o)

  2. joannawoolcock
    August 8, 2012

    I’m yet to perfect my Gok-style ‘capsule wardrobe’ but maybe post wedding season I’ll need a new project. I’ll start researching…

  3. this post is SOOOOOOOOOo helpful for me.
    I’ve had 3 weddings to attend so far this summer and another few
    coming up. Thank you so much for posting xoxo

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