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Fashion or future fiction? Running in high (top) heels

There comes a time every season where a few choice products fly down the catwalks and become deemed by the fashion elite as ‘absolutely necessary darling’.   And said products, usually a type of bag, a style of sunglasses or fit of denim become De Rigour for about 6 months.  Then, due to over saturation through high street copies, the elite want to distance themselves from these ‘necessary’ items sharpish.  No longer are they deemed exclusive and high-end, but through no fault of their own other than their sheer popularity, the minority dictate when they shall die their fashion death.  Remember the Chloe Paddington bag?  Enough said.

And this vicious cycle has left me wondering if this season’s choice of ‘it’ footwear really has the clout to carry on and creep through in to our Winter wardrobes.  The heeled high top, the wedged trainer, the stacked sneaker or whatever you refer to it as, has filtered down from Isabel Marant’s SS12 show right through to the bowels of New look in the past six months.  And finally, when I feel I can probably afford a respectable looking non-designer pair, this nagging feeling that they might be a complete waste of money rears its ugly head.  Are the upper echelons of fashion already hanging up theirs while us mere mortals ponder the influx of non-practical sneakers on ASOS and debate what colour our mates HAVEN’T yet got?  Why, oh why isn’t there some kind of fashion Oracle to warn my credit card of the life span of my new ‘totally necessary but completely not needed shoes’?

Ash heeled trainers wedge sneakers 2012

Ash heeled trainers wedge sneakers 2012

Having lived most of my adult life by the words of Beyonce, seeing her prancing about in a pair just fuels my desire, as does these gorgeous wedges by Ash landing in my inbox (below).  But, come on, for a potentially faddy item of fashion, is £149 a tad too steep?  Is the high street alternative, coming in at a lovely £24.99 from New look more sensible (if high-heeled trainers could ever be called such a thing) despite looking a bit more naff?

New Look heeled trainers wedge sneakers 2012

high heeled trainers beyonce wearing high heeled sneakers

Well, only time will tell.  So roll on Fashion Week because all eyes will be on the floor.


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