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Does your correspondence deserve a wider audience?

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I am having something of a letters revolution this week. First of all, Sophie Caldecott wrote me a lovely, long letter from Oxford, taking up the responsibility of sending me my first non-financial bit of post at my new flat (apart from birthday cards).

And then today I discovered (via the web section of the newly relaunched, and excellent Geek magazine) this incredible archive of letters, memos, faxes and other bits of paper: Letters of Note.

There’s something about getting your thoughts and feelings down on paper, especially now, that requires a lot more care and attention than banging out an email or sending a text message. After reading Sophie’s letter, I tried to think of the last few I had received or sent. The list included a letter from my ex boyfriend for me to open when I arrived in Asia to mooch around for four months, notes to and from an old flatmate and an explanation of what I had been doing since a wonderful charity gave me a small loan towards my journalism studies.

Letters of Note, edited by Shaun Usher, has considerably more interesting examples amongst its 804 posts – a letter from Winston Churchill’s wife telling him to lighten up, another from an emancipated slave from Ohio in 1865 to his old master and a handwritten note from Up and Monsters Inc director Pete Docter on Pixar not finishing films.

A Letters of Note book will be published this November – it’s available for pre-order at £30 for a cloth-bound hardback and would make a lovely limited edition gift. The book will apparently feature examples Usher has held back from uploading online and also include a letter from Hunter S. Thompson starting ‘Listen you lazy bitch’ which was addressed to a film executive but removed from the site.


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