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Beauty Basics: Lip Balm

Some people say if you start using lip balm, you’ll become addicted.  I have to admit, I do get panicky when I’m not within arms reach of a lip moisturising hit and some days ‘use’ bi-hourly. I manage my dependency with multiple fixes (or rather, fixers) scattered throughout my bag, desk and flat. That’s why I’m devoting this week’s beauty basics to that most essential of all lip products.

Lips need to have a good surface area to provide a base for colour.  No one wants crumbly, chapped lipstick.  Regularly exfoliating will keep your lips supple and stop you peeling the dry skin when bored in meetings. So try Clarins Extra-Firming Lip & Contour Gentle Exfoliator, £19. This is only a recent discovery of mine and it is incredible.  Micro-sugar crystals smooth-away dry, flaky cells and impurities which may sound harsh on such a delicate area but the scrub is silky, gentle and is so darn good it leaves you feeling like you’ve got a brand new mouth.


Facial features which ‘stick out’ from your profile (namely nose/lips/tops of ears) need extra sun protection.  Think zinc-tinted aussie cricketers if you need a visual reminder.

Day lip products should therefore provide medium-high UVA/UVA protection.  For a less sport-fiendish look go for these versions which go on clear and smooth, like Piz Buin In Sun Sun Lipstick SPF20, £5.99


Murad’s solution cleverly combines moisture with an exfoliating component which is great on the go.  As a bonus the consistency is that of a luxury lip gloss making it doubly addictive. Murad Energizing Pomegranate Lip Therapy SPF15, £11.70


At night go all-out and slather on enough to last you eight hours.  These are my trusted lip repairers:

Blistex relief cream, £2.38

Eve Lom Kiss Mix not ony has a super-cute name but contains refreshing menthol to cool and freshen along with beeswax to seal in moisture. It can be used alone or over lipstick making it great for date night too. Eve Lom Kiss Mix 7ml, £16

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Tin 8.5g, £3.70




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