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Grown up hair from Sidewalk Ready

I recently discovered the brilliant blog, Sidewalk Ready, and have been inspired by the wonderful Kayley Heeringa’s DIY tutorials to try and be a bit more adventurous with how I style my hair.

I’m going through a few important job interviews at the moment, and in my humble opinion no hair style says ‘hire me’ quite like the sophisticated chignon. It’s grown up, it’s creative, it’s the right mixture of fun and different and mature. It’s sensible without being boring. It’s a reliable and yet stylish kind of hair style, and Sidewalk Ready has loads of different video tutorials to show you how to do various different kinds yourself.

Perhaps I’m waxing a little too lyrical about chignons. But then, beautiful hair styles hold a special kind of fascination for me, as you’ll know if you read my post last year about stalking someone on the underground who had a beautiful crown of plaits. I think it’s because growing up with two sisters meant that I never had to learn to do my own hair nicely – sure, I did my sisters’ hair, but they also did mine, and as you all know, doing your own hair is very different from doing someone else’s. Having a slightly unusual, fancy hair style makes me feel like it’s a special occasion, and the discovery that every day can feel like a special occasion without needing to dress particularly smartly still excites me. Doing your hair nicely but dressing casually is like saying ‘Hi world, yes I am just naturally sophisticated, what about it?’

I even emailed Kayley to ask if she had any ideas for special half up-half down hairstyles that I could do for my wedding in October, and she emailed back to say that she’d do a post for that soon. Watch this space!

twigs and honey wedding hairband wedding tiara wedding jewellery

In other wedding related hair news, what do people think about tiaras? I always hated the idea (way too princess-y for my like), but my sister recently found a beautiful understated alternative one with gold leaves and pearls selling for cheaps on a second hand wedding website (I won’t tell you which just now because I don’t want someone else to buy it!). It reminds me a bit of the beautiful hair band by Twigs & Honey, above. My oh my they have the most delicate, pretty hair pieces I’ve ever seen. Sadly rather out of my budget, but still… a girl can dream.

So what do you think? To tiara, or not to tiara? It’s hard to say without seeing it, isn’t it, so maybe I’ll buy it and show you a photo so you can help me decide.


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