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Kanye’s performing an Exorcism on Kim, and it starts with her Wardrobe

Apologies in advance dear readers, I promise this will be the last K-Dash post I do in a while (as P’Trique would say, perhaps I am OOOOBSESSED).  But, thanks to my Twitter feed and the Huffington Post, I found myself checking out this short clip (awful quality, but you get the gist) at the weekend that features in the latest series of Keeping Up With the Kardashians…

Oh yes, your eyes doth not deceive you.  Kanye West is actually, truly, 100% helping Kim ‘evolve her style’.  In other words, he’s embarrassed by the way she dresses and needs to burn her collection of Muk Luks and doggie carrier bags before Fashion Week rolls around.  Can you say damage control? Now, I am all for experimentation, style evolution and such like.  If not I would still be strutting around in my baggy jeans and Camden Market Ghost Busters T-Shirt from when I was 15 (shudder).  But what I do find astonishing about this clip is the volumes it speaks about ‘Kimye’s actual relationship.  Yes, so Kanye spends around 12 hours a day thinking about ‘cool’ things, and yes apparently he’s a real life Fashion Designer these days (I wont even touch on this point, I get too angry), but surely he should be with Kim because he likes and respects her?  Or am I being naïve?  Call me cray, but if my boyfriend, designer or not, pulled this trick on me and kamikaze’d my wardrobe, he would find his collection of Maison Martin Margiela cardigans in the shredder faster than you can actually say Maison Martin Margiela.

Kim Kardashian stye Kim Kardashian style evolution Kim Kardashian kanye west style make over

Kim previously favoured the early 00s J.Lo look

The worst/most hilarious bit (apart from Kanye’s reactions of ‘Oh hell no!’ to some of Kim’s fashion choices) is seeing Kim begging to hold on to a bag deemed ‘uncool’ by Kim’s wardrobe Nazis, as she wants to pass it down to her daughter.  Get a grip woman!  If you want to keep your OWN bag, keep the sodding bag!  Unless of course you want your daughter to actually have the surname West, and in that case, well it looks like the bag is the price you will have to pay.  Bummer.  What is more infuriating/hilarious is the way Kanye has clearly convinced Kim this is a brilliant idea and even got her to declare how much of an inspiration he is and how he has ‘inspired me to, like, be more of an individual’.  Does Kim need reminding the man she is dating was responsible for popularising the most ridiculous festival eyewear EVER.

Kim Kardashian stye Kim Kardashian style evolution Kim Kardashian kanye west style make over KIM KANYE MATCHING OUTFITS

Kimye take 1

Kim Kardashian stye Kim Kardashian style evolution Kim Kardashian kanye west style make over KIM KANYE MATCHING OUTFITS

Kimye Take 2

I don’t know about Obama calling the guy a jackass anymore.  He seems well versed in the art of Jedi mind tricks and managed to get out of Kim’s prized wardrobe completely unscathed.  If only I had betted Kim’s new inspo for 2012 would have been the likes of the Antwerp Six…the odds would have been insaaaane.


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