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Fashion Forecasting from the Thirties

The other day the following video landed in my inbox, and I just needed to share it with you all.  Having been filmed in the 1930s, (and I will have you know that the first trend forecasting services did not exist until post WW2) it is an amazing insight in to how leading American fashion designers at the time believed the fairer sex would dress in the year 2000:  

Now, not only does the narrator deliver a hilarious commentary throughout but it is incredible how accurate many of the points made have become.  For instance, predicting dresses made out of ‘transparent net to catch the males’?  It is like they jumped in the Delorean and wound up in Chelmsford on a Saturday night.  Not only this, but the way that the rise of trousers on ladies is almost scoffed at by the narrator just shows how forward thinking and visionary that particular designer was; a Leonardo Da Vinci of the Fashion World, perhaps? (Ok, I may be going a tad too far with this).  What struck me the most though, was the idea of ‘cantilever’ inspired heels.  Excuse me, but did Alexander McQueen, Jeffery Campbell and the rest of the fashion world use this video as inspiration to create the most uncomfortable, unstable, amazing looking shoes for 2012?  Let’s not be sexist though.  Gentlemen readers, if this forecast is truly accurate, then by all accounts you all carry ‘candy for cuties’ in your jacket pockets!

Daphne in Alexander McQueen heel less heels

So, just in case someone in 2083 stumbles upon our blog, I have uploaded a video by Lacoste Future, which by all accounts depicts the future of sportswear in the latter half of the century.  Let’s just see how accurate they might possibly be.


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