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Hi, my name’s Katie and I’m addicted to black ankle boots

I’ve been clean for four days.

Last Saturday, I set off to Oxford Street with the intention of just buying a pair of cheap ballet pumps, maybe having a browse some of the new season clothes. But then I remembered I had some cash left on my Forever 21 gift card. And I spied a pair of boots in there that I liked the look of. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was on the tube home in possession of FOUR NEW PAIRS OF BLACK ANKLE BOOTS. And I already own four others.

black ankle boots black leather ankle boots black suede ankle boots Forever 21 River Island H&M

I jest, obviously. I’m not addicted. I could stop whenever I want. But I don’t want to.

I firmly believe that the ressurgence of the black ankle boot on the British high street, circa 2009, provided the staple shoe around which I anchor my entire wardrobe. They’re just so darn useful. Slouchy jumper dress that you wear to work all the time? There’s a black ankle boot for that. Clingy minidress that’s a bit too dressy for heels? There’s a black ankle boot for that. Your oldest, favouritest pair of skinny jeans? There’s a…well, you get my point.

That’s why I don’t feel bad that I just bought four pairs of near identical shoes. They’re gonna get so much wear. Plus, I buy relatively cheap ones. They’re not going to last forever (but regular reheeling will help prolong their lifespans) so the turnover rate is fairly rapid.

And so, I present the newest additions to my blankle boot family:

1. These are my favourites. A pair of River Island black suede low-heeled ankle boots with a nifty fake gold zip on one side, a real zip on the other, and a metallic plate detail on the inside of the heel. I’ve not seen anything like them anywhere else. Well worth £40 I reckon.

river island black suede ankle boots black boots black ankle boots with gold zip

2. A fairly high chunky heeled black imitation leather boots from H&M, these are a good ‘happy medium’ kind of boot. High enough for nights out but not so high I won’t be in agony by the end of the night. And pretty cheap at £29.99 a pop.

H&M black ankle boots h and m black ankle boots leather imitation leather faux leather boots 29.99

3. I’ve never actually owned flat black ankle boots before, so I’m looking forward to being able to stomp around in these all day long, pain free. I got them with that Forever 21 gift card, so they were technically free, which makes me even more happy. They’re not available to buy online but you can get them in the Oxford Street store for £29.75.

Forever21 black ankle boots black imitation leather ankle boots ankle with strap

4. I was thinking of getting a new pair of Converse on Saturday but instead I found these darling little lace-up Cons wannabes in H&M for £9.99. They’re like the trainer equivalent of a black ankle boot and I think they’re going to be so useful for walking/cycling to work in.

H&M black lace up boots h and m black lace up boots black converse


5 comments on “Hi, my name’s Katie and I’m addicted to black ankle boots

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  4. Brandon
    November 16, 2015

    I have a question: Can you plz tell me more about the ankle boots that are lined up next to each other in the first photo? What are their brand names, their styles, prices, etc.?

    • blondekatie
      November 17, 2015

      Hi Brandon, this post is a few years old now so now of these are still in shops. They are all listed in the post, apart from the closest pair which were from a charity shop.

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