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I have an addiction, Sir! Sampling The Finest Designer Sales Courtesy of Cocosa

Recently, I have developed somewhat of a new-found addiction. An addiction that if I don’t take immediate steps to control, could potentially become a major problem. However, until that time comes and I’m found crying in to a cut price Lulu Guinness tote, I am rather enjoying my new love of scouting out sample sales in and around London.
So when Style & Then Some received an exclusive press invite to the first ever pop-up store by the online e-tailer Cocosa, of course I headed over there to dig for buried treasure. In case you are unaware of Cocosa, the online store, which has been live and flourishing since 2008 and its initial launch as a private members only shopping site (oh la la!) prides itself as a luxury online sales site. It is also incidentally as of last year, owned by former Mr.Harrods, Mohamed Al Fayed.

Cocosa London Sample sale sample sales london london sale cocoas sale cocoas sample sale 2012 london sample sales 2012 london sample sale 2012 fashion sample sale designer sample sale

In the words of Ciara, ‘My goodies’.

Now, I am learning fast that you have to be smart about sample sale shopping, and wisely sacrificed an extra half hour in bed to be one of the first through the doors at the temporary bricks and mortar Cocosa. And lucky for me, I struck gold (albeit gold-plated). Now, if you are a regular reader of S&TS you might have noticed my obsession with the American jewellery brand Dannijo, and basically all semi-precious, over the top costume jewellery I can get my hands on. So when I eagle-eye spied an original Dannijo necklace on the Sample sale table, it didn’t leave my tight grip until I was fully paid up and out the door. Not only this, but I also snatched up this gorgeous Kara Ross bangle that I believe is doing to me what that damned ring did to Gollum. I just can’t stop staring at my precious…

Dannijo Jewels Dannijo Jewellery Dannijo necklace Dannijo costume jewellery Dannijo diamonds Dannijo sample sale cocosa sample sale designer sample sale jewellery sample sale 2012

A tad much? Nah! It’s Dannijo!

Dannijo jewellery Dannijo jewels Dannijo necklace Dannijo necklaces Dannijo costume jewellery Dannijo costume jewels Dannijo sample sale designer sample sale Cocosa sale cocosa sample sale 2012

Cocosa sample sale 2012 Cocosa jewellery Kara Kara Ross bangle Kara Ross gold bracelet Kara Ross twig bracelet 2012

Cocosa sample sale 2012 Cocosa jewellery Kara Kara Ross bangle Kara Ross gold bracelet Kara Ross twig bracelet 2012

Hello my precious!

The Cocosa pop-up store is still open until Friday, so if your lucky there might be some bargains left to be had. Not only did they have an array of designer clothing for men and women such as Givenchy, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Vivienne Westwood and Muubaa, but also bags, shoes and jewellery at actual affordable prices. So if you are feeling lucky, head down to the Oui rooms t 40 Eastcastle Street, London from 8AM-8PM. Good luck!


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