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Bernard Chandran SS13 at London Fashion Week | From Spring Lamb to the gates of Amnesia

The last show of my day yesterday was the Bernard Chandran catwalk show hosted by Vauxhall Fashion Scout.  Despite the show running late, panic rippling through the queue that no one in the mile long line would get in, and having to put up with the ridiculous chatter of a teenage fashion wannabe and his ‘triple clash’ schedule (obviously spoken in decibels so that everyone in his radius could hear), I pretty much just wanted a cup of tea and my bed.  But alas, like a trooper I stuck out the delay, and I am pretty confident everyone in that queue did actually get in.  There’s nothing like a bit of fashion mob mentality to wake you up I guess.  There’s always the risk you will get stabbed for your place in the line with a Jeffrey Campbell spiked heel.

The SS13 offerings from Bernard Chandran started off extremely promising.  White starched dresses in broderie anglaise made me want to take up tennis immediately, or be transformed in to one of those women who never spills red wine or gets splashed by buses passing by, just to flounce around dinner parties wearing my ‘Chandran’ and investing in a job lot of Bold down at the cash and carry.  The initial offerings were extremely feminine, fitting in nicely with the overall theme of London Fashion Week for SS13, but as the seconds ticked by the collection did get a bit confusing.  Clashing patterns, geometric shapes, and even an appearance of blue leather blended in with jeweled embellishments throughout the second half.  The collection seemed to go from early spring, fresh as a sophisticated lamb, to late summer nights in Ibiza, glitzing all the way to the doors of Amnesia.  Not that this is necessarily a bad thing.  The audience seemed to love it, and there were an exceptionally large number of outfits on show.  Maybe I just really needed that cup of tea.

Bernard Chandran

Bernard Chandran


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