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LFW got that Gangnam Style (sort of)

After so many seasons at London Fashion Week, you start to become pretty desensitized to it all. All the stylists laden with equal quantities of PR contacts and Mawi jewellery begin to blur together, and outfits usually only seen in children’s nightmares become the norm. Personally, I stopped trying this season. I ditched my 6-inch wedges and pleather skinnies in favour of flats – and not falling flat on my face on the cobbles of Somerset House. I also made sure I had pockets galore to stash emergency pens, tickets, passes, camera lenses and painkillers. I am actually considering a utility belt next season, in a completely un-ironic and totally practical way. I’m just scared I’ll kick off some new ridiculous Bob The Builder trend and get trolled by the trade unions. Someone even complimented me this week on the fact I hadn’t ‘dressed up’ and how it was totally ‘refreshing to see’. I am 98% positive this was said in an ironic way, but I’m still cashing in that compliment, you hear.

After trawling through about a zillion of our photographs from London Fashion Week, we decided to put a top ten rundown together highlighting the – shock horror – FUN we had and hilarious sights we saw, amidst all the seriousness and ridiculousness. So here it is, our attempt at injecting a little humour back into LFW. God knows it needs it.

1. We think we found our Prince

We couldn’t tell if this joker was an actual member of the royal family or had just popped to Burger King. We know K-Middy and co are usually Frow at Issa, but maybe he was just lost looking for Raffles? Either way, he definitely needed to get some air into his crown quick-smart.  I think the only other guy spotted who topped our Prince Charming was the idiot in the ‘Free Shags’ t-shirt walking around Somerset House hand in hand with his GIRLFRIEND.

London Fashion Week street style London Fashion Week style London Fashion Week Somerset House street style London Fashion Week BFC Showspace fashion London Fashion Week men's style Ridiculous fashion at London Fashion Week stupid outfits fashion 2012 royal dressing

2. We found out why Burberry don’t just let anyone in

Major tip: if all you desires is to get papped by a street style photographer, one sure-fire way to succeed is to basically wear everything you own (but, in the words of Joey Tribbiani, you ‘better not do any lunges’). Wearing a dress with actual teddy bears as shoulder pads does not make you the height of fashion, it makes you look like you got lost on the way to your audition for Nightmare on Sesame Street. As the greats do say, there is a fine line between style and peacocking fashion.

London Fashion Week burberry london fashion week somerset house london fashion week street style bad outfits london fashion week

3. We found an actual triple threat

In the immortal words of Andrew Stone, of Pineapple Dance Studios fame, these guys are a true triple threat. They WILL threaten you if you dare to question their choice in man-clutches. Oh, and they have also perfected the art of synchronized walking. Bravo, my friends, bravo.

London Fashion Week SS13 London Fashion Week outfits London Fashion Week triple threat London Fashion Week Vauxhall Fashion Scout men's fashion Fashion Week outfits 2012 SS13

4. We found the happiest man alive at Fashion Week

Contrary to popular belief, you are allowed to smile at fashion week, as proved by this cheeky chappy. I’m not even 100% convinced he was working, as I saw him grab his coat and dash out of Somerset house about 5 minutes after I took this photo. Maybe he had Bob Geldofesque tendencies and was attempting to feed the models. Or just really friggin’ loves his popcorn. Either way, he was the happiest guy we saw all weekend.

London Fashion Week popcorn london Fashion Week street style London Fashion Week Somerset house street style BFC Street Style popcorn

5. We found out we are potentially the only two people eating at Fashion Week

After we accosted said happiest man alive for his ‘corn, it appeared we were the only people who dared eat in public within a two mile radius. We know this is usually a maaaaajar faux pas, but after 10 hours on your feet the sight of a free bag of sweet and salty is enough to make anyone drool.

London fashion week BFC Somerset house 2012 style and then some team popcorn bfc Does anyone at fashion week eat

6. We found that Gangnam style

Watch out London, the phenomenon that is Gangnam Style has already infiltrated the walls of Somerset House and your wardrobe is next. Hell, we’re seriously considering a trip to Korean Fashion Week just to see if the models Gangnam all the way down the catwalks.

Gangnam Style Psy London Fashion Week Gangnam Style fashion Gangnam Style 2012 London Fashion Week Gangnam Style

7. …and that Katie is a pro

Having already perfected the art of Gangnam, Katie gave us a lesson in riding the invisible horse in between shows. Perhaps we should have crashed a few shows and made our own Gangnam parody – but I’m pretty certain Henry Holland would have had us blacklisted for life if we’d dared.

Gangnam style routine Gangnam Style 2012 Gangnam Style dance routine Gangnam Style steps Gangnam Style routine Gangnam Style Fashion Week Gangnam Style LFW Somerset House London Fashion Week 2012

8. We found the worst PR team ever

When you’re sitting in a meeting room, planning the publicity for your fashion show, and someone suggests you could cut a few corners and just chalk out directions on the pavement, you need to FIRE THEM.  Honestly, what if it had rained?!

London fashion week pr team london fashion week street team london fashion week 2012 london fashion week SS13

9. We found out a lot about the Freemasons

Whilst we were camped out at Freemasons Hall for all the Vauxhall Fashion Scout shows, our Katie got talking to a real life Freemason, and by all accounts got a 20 minute history lesson too. It turns out that Freemasons Hall is still the Global headquarters for all the Freemasons and not just a fashion show location twice a year. Go figure.

Freemasons Hall  Vauxhall Fashion Scout London Fashion Week SS13

10. I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave!

Oh Fashion Week. We’ve had our highs and we’ve had our lows. It makes sense we only see each other every six months my darling, but can we still be frenemies? Until next time, air kisses sweetie! Now can someone direct me back to the real world please?

London Fashion Week street style London Fashion week street shots British Fashion 2012


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8 comments on “LFW got that Gangnam Style (sort of)

  1. Hannah
    September 19, 2012

    Great witty post. Certainly made me smile this morning!

  2. joannawoolcock
    September 19, 2012

    Love this post. The lengths some people go to get street styled…..ri-dic-u-lous.

  3. Helen Coakley
    September 19, 2012

    Ha ha thanks guys, glad you enjoy!

  4. Jaclyn
    September 20, 2012

    I LOVE this post… So funny and recognising exactly what we all need to remember… How unbelievably ridiculous fashion week really is! Yay! X

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  6. Helen Coakley
    September 21, 2012

    Thank you Jaclyn! I think this is a theme we might evolve! 😀 x

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