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ASHISH SS13 at London Fashion Week

Ashish successfully blended his favourite tinselly sequins with undone, dishevelled style – continuing his love of championing the underdog and celebrating nonconformists.

Invoking tugs of nostalgia, the grey uniform, sparkly scrunchies and slouchy teenage struts were reminiscent of  angst-riddled school days, cleverly interspersed with flashes of high-octane grown-up gowns in metallic hues. 

Many outfits were backless,  juxtaposing NHS glasses and messy hair – adding a bit of sex appeal to the adolescent, disproportionate shapes.

Outsized, boyish sweaters and draped designs were sprinkled with numeral or spotted detail, honouring  the ‘math geek heroine’ which whom the show was inspired. A lot of garments featured cut-out designs or were emblazoned with archetypal anti-hero slogans.

The mismatched trouser legs and reverse drop hemlines (long at front, short at back) added to the individualistic randomness.  Plain-Jane, washed-out make-up portrayed a lack of vanity or desire to preen and perfect, showing the Ashish girl ‘has her mind set on loftier pursuits.’

A fist in the air for non-girly girls and to toned down glitz; a sentiment  proving sequins are not just for Christmas…


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