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Girl vs Food: What are the best healthy snacks?

We all know that snack foods are not born equal.

There are numerous nibbles masquerading as healthy-eats when we may as well throw down a Snickers and be done with it.  Similarly, confused parents feed their kids sugar-laden cereals safe in the knowledge that they’re ‘low in fat.’ Don’t believe the low-cal hype people.  We now know good fats can actually help reduce waistlines and are essential for optimum health.  Rather than bore you with facts about omega-3 or the wonder of seeds, here are some snacks that are less guilt-inducing than the culprits lurking in the vending machine.

First up, a pair of hearty in-betweeners:

Waitrose Sushi Wrap 

Pret A Manger Miso Soup

These are both great in-between meal snacks because they’re like a mini meal in themselves and have contain a variety of tastes and textures meaning you’ll feel more satisfied than if you’d had those crisps.

Itsu Crispy Seaweed Thins

Not as weird as you might think.  These tasty morsels are harvested from the crystal clear seas around South Korea which make them sound exceptionally nutritious.  My new go-to snackette.

Trek Bar – Wholefood Energy Bar

These are super high in protein and really do fill you up for the afternoon so you don’t slump into your keyboard at 4pm .  They’re cold pressed (not baked), have no added sugar and count towards your 5-a-day.

Panda Liquorice Bar

Throughout history licorice root has been used for relaxing the body and reducing stress, which makes it an ideal work snack. This bar is made from all natural ingredients, has no added colours, salt, artificial flavours or preservatives.

M&S Single Cheese Portion

Not usually heralded as a health food yet cheese is a good source of calcium and high in protein (meaning it’ll keep you fuller, longer).  The portion controlled size means to won’t be tempted back in for ‘just a slither’ as you would with the giant slab you get at Christmas.


One comment on “Girl vs Food: What are the best healthy snacks?

  1. Lissa
    November 6, 2012

    Sushi is my fav. on-the-go snack – fresh, cheap, delicious ♥

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