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Beauty basics | Winter skin remedies

Is it just me or has the change in seasons caused more skin-angst than normal?  Mine is behaving quite badly; breaking out yet dehydrated.  In short, it appears to hate me.

Maybe it’s the increased wine drinking to keep warm, the occasional flicking on of the central heating or the fact that I’m no longer wearing maxi dresses so don’t care if my limbs shimmer….who knows.  What I do know is that this year (in a sort of new season resolution) I’m going to prevent scaly extremities and protect my face from high winds and unremitting drizzle.

Think how nice it’ll be to burst out of our cocoon when Spring finally rolls around not having to unleash industrial-grade exfoliants on wintery legs.  We just need to get the routines in motion now (ish)….

First off, all that summer body polishing isn’t going to work in a 48 hour pre-holiday panic.  Along with dry brushing (boring but works with cumulative effort) and a firming cream over a few months is bound to result in a more refined result if it’s a long-term endeavour:

Hands typically get a beating so exfoliate and keep a hand & nail cream er…handy. I love this almond oil for cuticles too:

In a bid to prevent colds and flu, antibacterial gel is an excellent little invention, however you are cleansing your hands not the toilet floor so go for these less-brutal versions:

A facial serum holds moisture for longer and provides a secondary layer to protect.

DHC  is Japan’s No.1 online skincare company and fuses natural ingredients such as olive oil with traditional beauty practices:

Cut down on drinking vino and apply the grapes to your skin instead:

Finally for hard-core winter protection, i.e. snow days or skiing holidays these will create a physical barrier between you and the freezing air.


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