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Gaelle Paul, I think I love you – why your wardrobe needs this stylist

Gaelle Paul Adele stylist Glamour magazine Sofia Vergara Christina Hendricks magazine editorial

As Stevie Martin recently pointed out over on The Vagenda, women’s magazines often run one token page aimed at anyone with curves while saving the remaining 99% of the issue for clothes and accessories that would only look good on a stick-thin model. I’ve noticed lately that Glamour – of all titles – is actually doing a pretty good job of redressing this balance.

Not only did the ‘Conde Nast fashion mag that’s not Vogue’ run an interview on signature styles and dressing to suit your shape with Gaelle Paul, Adele’s stylist and former fashion journo, in a recent issue they also got Paul to style up Sofia Vergara, Christina Hendricks and one of the Downton girls for their November TV special.

The fashion choices weren’t the bravest or boldest – a long sleeved white, lace Dolce and Gabbana dress for Vergara and a Mad Men-style floral and orange fitted Erdem for Hendricks. But they both look sexy as hell and comfortable in what they’re wearing on the magazine covers and editorial inside.

Let’s have more where that came from, Glamour.

You can see more of Gaelle Paul’s editorial, advertising and previous Glamour covers here.




One comment on “Gaelle Paul, I think I love you – why your wardrobe needs this stylist

  1. blondekatie
    October 15, 2012

    I bought that issue of Glamour because of my recent Modern Family obsession and for doing freelance research. It is good that they featured curvy cover stars but I found so much of it really preachy, all this ‘you must’ do this and you ‘must never’ wear that, that stuff’s not good for girls self esteem!

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