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DIY luscious shiny locks: Your best Autumn/Winter accessory

I was watching an episode of the Gilmore Girls recently (standard) and got considerable hair envy for Rory’s beautiful shiny chestnut waves in Season Seven. For non Gilmore Girls fans, here’s what I’m talking about:

Rory Gilmore season seven hair

Ah, Rory Gilmore. Geeky beauty and big blue eyed journalist extraordinaire – you are my idol. Anyway, I felt inspired to try a ‘home remedy’ shiny hair mask that I had seen on, hem, Pinterest. (Also, something about the approach of winter makes me want to swish my hair in slow motion as I unravel a big cashmere scarf from around my neck, a la all the shampoo adverts that start cropping up regularly around this time of year.)

It’s simple, really: heat 3 parts of olive oil (I used x3 very generous tablespoons) with 1 part honey (I used x1 generous tablespoon) in a small saucepan. Stir well until blended, turn off the heat and allow to cool slightly, and when it’s cool enough to touch, rub it through your damp/towel dried hair. Now wrap it in a towel that you don’t mind getting messy or put it in a plastic cap or, my personal favourite, wrap it in cling film and pin it up. Keep it like that for 30 minutes at least, and then wash it out.

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Beauty Oil beautiful hair and skin home remedies

If you want to be a bit fancy, you can use Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic Beauty Oil instead of olive oil. It contains avocado oil, which is extra good fair hair. Like most home remedies/DIY beauty routines, this is sticky and unwieldy and somewhat difficult to slop onto your hair, and you have to use quite a lot of shampoo when you wash it out. But then again it’s a free and natural way of getting shiny hair, so who’s complaining?


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