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Alexa Chung’s latest career move

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found the concept of famous people telling us mere mortals how to dress rather condescending…

Alexa Chung, model, presenter, Vogue contributor style book, Penguin Books

Looking effortlessly immaculate all the time is somewhat easier when you’re in possession of a bulging bank balance, with the hottest designers clambering over themselves to dress you, not forgetting having various stylists and many a clothing freebie at your disposal. So imagine my disgruntlement when news spread last week of an impending ‘style bible’ to be penned by model/presenter/DJ/designer muse/Vogue contributor, (will probably need to add author to that list soon) Alexa Chung.

Due for release next September, allegedly, the book was going to include a detailed style guide for us otherwise clueless nobodies. However, earlier this week, Alexa was keen to put everyone right by dispelling the rumours and laughing them off. She claimed it will most certainly not be crammed full of style tips and is far more likely to become a scrapbook style insight into her life, personal style and her own interpretation of fashion through her writing, photos and drawings. It’s refreshing that Chung is actually going to write it using her own creative ideas as opposed to the likes of Katie ‘needs-a-ghost-writer’ Price’s numerous novels.

The fact is, whether you are a fan or not, Alexa’s style is sought after by many, she is something of a modern day fashion icon and as much as I despise myself for saying this, it is nice to see how the other half live sometimes; in this case all Chanel clad and living it up in New York City. Maybe now I won’t be so quick to turn my nose up at her book when it hits stores next year, I may even have a flick through myself.

Will you be buying Alexa’s style book when it comes out? A title is yet to be decided, it will be released next year in September 2013 by Penguin Books.


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