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My new winter hobby | Long, hot baths

There’s no better feeling than staggering through the front door, tired from yet another day at work (I went yesterday, and the day before….), damp from Autumnal drizzle, then throwing off your coat and ouchy shoes… and immediately getting a bath going. 


Without looking through the mail, acknowledging your boyfriend or having the ‘what shall we have for tea’ chat, I reckon you can be through the door and in a bath within 5 minutes.

In summer there’s not the same satisfaction as you’re not as chilled or windswept and there’s normally better things to be doing on a balmy summer’s evening.  But in winter I’d happily cancel dinner dates to indulge in an extended bath R&R.

I’m not concerned with therapeutic sounds or ambient lighting.  Soothing music and fiddly candles add to preparation time but if you’ve had a particularly hectic day….throw in all the whale sounds and lavender candles you need.  I just need some simple bath oil and a book or magazine and I’m in heaven.  Plus, sweating is a known detoxifier so it’s basically like going for a run….sort of.

Bathing Essentials:

Not just for severely dry skin, this is rich and non-irritating if your skin needs a mega moisture boost:

Boots Pharmaceuticals Derma Care Emollient Bath Oil (250ml) £3.99

Clean & Lean diet and wellness guru James Duigan recommends a simple, cheap (and lazy) way to detoxify by adding Epsom salts to your bath.

The Eco Bath – Epsom Salt Bath Soak for Muscle & Joint Pain, £8.49


  •  Balance out the detox with a glass of wine…


  • Book/magazine – I’m reading Fingersmith for book club…


Shower cap if it’s not a hair-wash day.  No one said it was meant to be a glamorous activity….



  •  Phone – relaxing can incorporate multi-tasking, just don’t send work e-mails after the wine.


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