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Grace maxi Tephi London ethical fashion bespoke dresses

I have always loved the idea of dressing the way that people did before the days of fast, disposable fashion; carefully choosing styles, colours, and cuts that suit you and getting a few key items of clothing hand made. Treasuring those clothes and mending them and passing them down through the generations.

It was only relatively recently that people shopped and dressed this way, after all. Not only was it better for the environment (less wasteful because people valued their clothes more and things were made to last), better for the economy and people (fewer sweatshops, greater emphasis placed on quality and skills, and appreciation for fine craftsmanship), and maybe even better for our wallets in the longterm (spending more, less frequently). You only need to read Lucy Siegle’s book To Die For to get a thirst for ethical fashion, and she makes a brilliant argument for a better way of doing things.

Tephi London ethical fashion bespoke dresses

The wonderful London-based label, Tephi, still does things this way, and it’s wonderfully refreshing to encounter some good quality, beautiful slow fashion in the heart of our fashion forward capital. Her pieces are the perfect combination of pretty, modern, and yet classic; something about these dresses is timeless. (I suppose they call that Beauty.) You can make an appointment to go to her studio near Gloucester Road, get measured up, choose a style that you like, and can even ask her to combine different elements of several dresses that you like for something truly bespoke. Or you can buy her line ‘off the rail’ – either way, this is not your average shopping experience. Prices range from £290 – £590, somewhere between high street and designer. Totally worth it for a dress that’s made just for you, no?

Tephi London ethical fashion bespoke dresses

Tephi ethical fashion London bespoke dresses

Tephi London studio

The Tephi studio/shopping experience

I went to pick up my wedding dress (yes, she also makes wedding dresses) yesterday, and on that note, I’ll be saying goodbye to you for a few weeks – I’m off to get married! I’ll be back and posting again in November. Have fun, kids!


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