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X-Factoring the Fun Back in to Saturday Night TV

If you’re as sad as I am and have been involuntarily sucked in to this year’s X Factor (again) you will no doubt have an opinion on this year’s camp crusader, Rylan Clark.  Having also been a secret fan of ‘Signed By Katie Price’, the TV show Rylan competed in to become Katie’s ‘protégé’ earlier this year – can you tell I don’t watch Downton Abbey yet? –  I must admit I was never a fan from the start.

However, as the weeks are progressing, and after THAT blubb-a-thon all over Nicole Shirtlifter’s couture, my opinion has started to change.  Now in to its billionth year (or ninth if your going to be pedantic) we all know the X-factor drill, and we all know it’s probably fixed beyond all recognition, but it’s Saturday night TV and with out Rylan and his exploits it would be a rather dull affair.  No Cheryl, no Kelly ‘Hey Boo!’ Rowland, no Danni and that fake sexual chemistry with Simon…To be honest X Factor needs Rylan as much as Rylan needs the X Factor.

Rylan Clark X Factor Fashion Pandas Rylan fashion pandas Rylan pandas X Factor Pandas Rylan pandas

And with that dazzling Panda Fashion debacle last week, Rylan seems to be the only one with any sense of humour. A row of dancing Karl Largerfelds? Yes please! At least it was original.  I think I have finally had my fill of background tango dancers in the shadows for ‘effect’ anyway. And while we get the onslaught of ridiculous ‘non’stories’ flooding the tabloids and more! magazine revolving around the contestants love lives, the only story worth reading about it the interview in which Rylan admits to once being mugged by a fox (check it out here, it is brilliant).  We all know Rylan doesn’t stand a chance winning the X Factor, but since when did that matter?  Jedward, being one of the highest grossing acts to ever appear on the TV talent show, are laughing all the way to the bank.  So keep up the good work Rylan, and keep winding old Gary up.  He is kind of sexy when he’s angry…

Still, to this day, nothing  has or ever will top this footage from the X Factor:


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