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Demi-modelling: ‘the ludicrous poses adopted by fashionistas outside shows when they spot an approaching street-style snapper.’  Style Magazine.

These fashiony event-hoppers irritatingly describe their look using obscure adjectives and wilfully walk the streets looking full-on-crazy in the hope they’ll get noticed by a passing blogger.

Once upon a time a bit of crazy amidst a sea of coordinated outfits was seen as a little off-centre and unique.  Now, the practice of sello-taping cuddly toys to your clothes or arriving in an outfit ,which can only be considered a bet, no longer constitutes distinctive style.  The one-upmanship amongst these street-stylers has created an escalating competition whereby a lone quirky hat is no longer enough to get yourself noticed.  More is now way (too much) more.

It’s a similar principle to the one employed on a first lunch date or somewhere you need to look ‘accidentally gorgeous.’  You make a subtle, extra effort, unnoticeable to an untrained eye but just a casual turn of the dial for maximum impact.  Then you can convincingly act surprised or accept compliments (‘…oh, this old thing, I got ready in 5 minutes flat…’) knowing you look better than normal.  However if you are ludicrously posing near an ideal backdrop/with good lighting/accessories poised, you look like a massive idiot.  Worse still, is when someone does actually ask for a photo and the wannabe rolls their eyes in an ‘OMG this happens all the time….’ way and acts like their triple booked fashion schedule has been disrupted.  Pur-lease.

Helen wrote a great piece after London Fashion Week, describing some of the fashion absurdity witnessed during the height of the street-style calendar.  Yes, fashion is about breaking moulds, idealism and pushing boundaries.  In everyday life it is also about finding staples you love, pulling together outfits from a random drawer and enjoying the process of finding clothes that suit you.  It is most definitely not throwing yourself at a designer wardrobe (mixed with vintage pieces obvs), adding fiendish accessories and wacky jewellery for good measure and then loitering with a mass of other crazies trying to look ‘accidentally snappable.’

I’m going to initiate a backlash and start street-style snapping people wearing jeans and T-shirts, walking their dog in a lovely waterproof or perhaps a commuter with an especially well-made briefcase.

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5 comments on “Demi-modelling

  1. Claudine Edwards
    October 22, 2012

    Damn it. What will i do with all these cuddly toys now!

  2. Hannah
    October 22, 2012

    Well put!

  3. Helen Coakley
    October 23, 2012

    Amazing piece Jo. I saw a photo reel of ‘amazing’ ‘street style’ on a blog the other day and 80% were pictures of people we had added to our ludicrous LFW photo bucket.

  4. Helen Coakley
    October 23, 2012

    Also have you seen the Man Repeller NYFW training documentary where she takes the mick and says how to get street styled: ‘Grab your phone, grab your clutch, pull up your sleeves and make sure your wearing loooooads of accessories!’

  5. Joanna
    October 23, 2012

    It’s become a sport!

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