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Oil Me Up Baby!

Having suffered from bad skin for a sizable chunk of my life (and thankfully, due to some miracle skin clearing Angel/dermatologist I found in my teens the worst is long gone) but, like most previous acne sufferers, it knocks your confidence senseless and no matter how much people say how clear my skin is now, I don’t believe them and refuse to take any sort of complement >>insert severe blushing here<<. 

However, throughout my teenage life right up until this day, I am constantly on the look out for miracle skin products and have subjected myself to everything from peels, pills, a vat of Clearasil and even disgusting Chinese tea three times a day.  And I will tell you now, if you suffer badly don’t leave your doctor’s office with anything less than a strong referral to the hospital.  Years I wasted on GP prescriptions before being referred to the top shelf drugs and everything disappearing in 2 months flat.  But unfortunately it doesn’t heal the emotional scars and thus I still spend an exceptional amount on products I have come to trust e.g. Dermalogica’s PreCleanse and Dermal Clay Cleanser, which seems to keep me feeling good on the outside, and more importantly, inside.  That’s not to say I don’t still mix it up in search of new mini miracles, and surprisingly have found a penchant for face oils.  Yes, a face OIL. When a friend first recommended The Sanctuary’s Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil I was absolutely disgusted.  How dare they expect me to put what looked like cooking grease on my face!  However, I did give it a go and found that it was nothing like applying Hawaiian tropic or greasing up with baby oil.  It was rather…amazing.  The smell, all aromatic and that, was soothing and the oil itself sank straight in to my skin, replacing my normal moisturiser, leaving no hint of grease, and making me feel refreshed and, well, pretty damn good for a change.

Angela Langford's Balanced & Beautiful facial oils 2012 Angela Langford review Angela Langford products Angela Langford oil Angela Langford face oil

So when I was offered the chance to test out a new face oil by Angela Langford I was on it like a spot-prone Sonic.  I won’t bore you with the ingredients, as that always goes straight over my head, but rest assured it’s packed with natural extracts and smells divine to boot. You only need a few drops and I use this instead of my normal Simple Light Moisturiser, leaving me with smaller looking pores and my oily/dry skin rebalanced.  The Balanced & Beautiful face oil, at £22.50 for 25ml doesn’t break the bank, and it will last for an awfully long time.

Serious beauty recommendation: 4 SHINY STARS


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