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Something Kinda Newwwww? The return of Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud may seem like veterans compared to the likes of  the Saturdays and Little Mix these days, and after viewing the five-piece’s comeback video for ‘Something New’ the other night, you have to admit they are, as far as girl bands go, in a league of their own.  After what has seemed like forever, Cheryl, Sarah, Kimberly and co are back on fine form after each landing their own successful solo projects – everything from promoting fake eyelashes, to sell-out solo tours, to basically becoming Henry Holland’s best mate and scratching Simon Cowell’s eyes out.

Girls Aloud 2012 Girls Aloud new tour Girls Aloud ten Girls Aloud Something New 2012 Girls Aloud Children In Need 2012

With a new album (Ten) and single, which is also this year’s Children In Need track of charity choice (Something New, below) due out on 18th November, and with a tour launching for 2013, it seems these ladies have got a whole lotta everything on their plates for the foreseeable future, and I must admit I am rather excited to have them back on my airwaves.  Love it or hate it, there will always be a stream of girl bands and boy bands in popular culture, and after growing up with the Spice Girls, Girls Aloud are the next best thing.  Plus they need to put those One Direction kids in their places and bring a little girl power back to rebalance the pop equilibrium.

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