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Girl Power Monday, the Australian Way

We are all aware of the incredible misogyny that is currently dominating the US election at the moment, especially with regards to American health care (Todd Akin and his unbelievable comments about ‘legitimate rape’ vs. ‘rape rape’ – sometimes it is hard to take the piss out of someone so ignorant beyond all comprehension and who should be put in a zoo for his own safety.  But until last night and thanks to this little treat landing in my inbox, I have to admit I have been neglecting my Australian politics…until now.

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This incredible debate, watched over two million times so far on sees Australian Prime minister Julia Gillard absolutely stone cold stunner the leader of the opposing party, Mr Abbott, after he decides after years of sexism and cheap put downs that Gillard has risen above on a political and personal level, that all of a sudden he’s realised women do actually have the right to vote and he’s jumped on the anti-sexism bandwagon.  Now ostracizing one of his own personal friends and former party members, who resigned from Gillard’s opposition to act as Parliament Speaker and an independent MP, Abbott has come over all Riot Grrrrrl much to Gillard’s bemusement.  With Slipper facing allegations surrounding lurid and sexist text messages sent to a parliamentary staff member, it does appear Abbott has decided to save his own skin and join the feminist movement.  Now, obviously if this is a genuine act then bravo, but I will let you watch the clip and make up your mind yourself…

Either way, Gillard shows how to be a class act in the face of overt sexism, and peddles the sensible notion that the Australian Parliament should be run with ‘good sense, common sense, proper process’.  Now why can’t this be everyone’s mentality?


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3 comments on “Girl Power Monday, the Australian Way

  1. PJ
    October 29, 2012

    Thank you for posting this. I heard about this video and it is great to see a head of state taking on sexism and misogyny!

  2. Hannah
    October 29, 2012

    The greatest smackdown in history!

  3. freedomsmoker
    October 30, 2012

    Gillard’s speech was in support of Slipper. She supported him for her own interests despite his text messages and his position being untenable. Slipper resigned, even he knew it. It seems Gillard didn’t.

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