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Hey Boy! ‘Ryan Gosling’ the Published Author?

Here at Style & then Some Towers (as if! I am totally sitting in my pants in my lounge writing this), a few of our darling team have what I like to call a ‘grown up’ school girl crush on a particular Canadian movie star.  And I am sure we are not alone.  Despite having the worst taste in celebrity men ever, (including David Guetta, Bradley Wiggins and Nicky Grimaj >insert cringe<) which I safely know I am alone in, my adoration for Ryan Gosling is, I must admit, a wide-spread trait among most red-blooded women.  And apparently, and most ironically, he has become some sort of ‘demi-god’ in the feminist sphere.  After researching in to current female literature on Amazon the other night, what should be listed in the ‘books I might also like’ section, but this:

Feminist Ryan Gosling Danielle Henderson Hey girl Ryan Gosling book ryan gosling feminist

They might as well have called it ‘books that should come laminated in case you dribble on them Helen’ section but that is by the by.  And after a quick glance at the blurb, it turns out it is based on this blog ( set up by Danielle Henderson, a gender and women’s studies graduate at the University of Wisconsin.   Originally inspired by the now infamous Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling blog, this spin-off is inspired by comments made by RGos regarding gender inequality in movies.   In short, when Gosling appeared in the film Blue valentine in 2010, he spoke out that the movie was given a harsher age restriction due to his character performing oral sex on his female partner.  However, if it had been the other way round, the movie would have had a lower restriction.  By all accounts Henderson created the blog as a study tool but it has now become an internet sensation, and since August a book (hello top of my Christmas list!).

Hey Girl Ryan Gosling Feminist Ryan Gosling Danielle Henderson 2012

Hey Girl Ryan Gosling Feminist Ryan Gosling Danielle Henderson 2012

This isn’t however, the only Ryan Gosling book to come across our radars this year. Oh yes, some clever clog has captured both our hearts and our childhoods and released a Ryan Gosling colouring in book, which I have definitely spied in Topshop.  Anyhoo, it is available here as well, but be careful, as my esteemed colleague Katie rightly pointed out, so much excitement may mean you can’t stay in the lines…

Hey Girl Ryan Gosling Feminist Ryan Gosling Danielle Henderson 2012


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