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Hey Londoners, want to stay up all night next Tuesday? Come to US Electiongiggle 2012

Where will you be watching President Obama get relected next week? I’ll be going to US Electiongiggle 2012 in Bethnal Green.

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I’m not gonna lie to you, there’s absolutely no editorial impartiality on this blog when it comes to the US Election. I am whole-heartedly supported Barack Obama, even though I’m not American and therefore can’t vote. But I am very interested in the election, because the decisions that the Leader of the Free World makes do have some bearing on a global scale. Also, Mitt Romney is a monumental moron, so there’s that (here are a few reasons why).

Next Tuesday night I’ll be heading to Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club for a special all night long event hosted by politically-minded comedy types Lampoon Apathy, to (fingers crossed) watch Obama get voted back into office for four more years of Democrat delights – but it’s still a very close race at the moment, so if it all goes wrong in the swing states the States could be in for a term or two of right-wing clusterfuckage of the highest order.

So what’s in store for the Electiongiggle? Funnymen Thom Tuck and John Luke Roberts will be hosting the night, accompanied by political pundits and comedians including Scott Caurro, Grainna Maguire and Tiernan Douieb, all set against a backdrop of live results coverage. Doors open at 8pm and won’t close again until a winner is announced, which is expected to be any time between 3am and 5am. So think of it like the most political night out you’re ever likely to have.

‘I’ve been excited about this ever since our all-night election gig for the UK two years ago,’ says Neil Hughes from Lampoon Apathy. ‘It’s amazing how well comedy, pizza, live election results and an all-night bar actually blend together. The comedy line-up is excellent, and if you want to celebrate Obama’s return – or even Mitt Romney’s ascent to global overlordship – while being entertained by the finest comics in the UK scene then this is the only place to get your electoral laughter fix.’ I couldn’t agree more, which is why I’m equally as excited, and have booked Wednesday off work. I suggest you do the same.

US Electiongiggle 2012, Tuesday 6th November, 8pm until the election result. Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, 42-44 Pollard Row, London, E2 6NB. Tickets are £10 (£8 students/JSA) and can booked in advance here. Visit the Facebook page.
US election 2012 events London US election all night event London 2012 american election 2012 event November London US Election results live event London 2012

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