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Is it ever OK to use the F-word? (and I’m not talking about feminism)

The question is, when is it O.K, when is it inappropriate and when is it downright desperate? The F-word has been chucked around somewhat frivolously in the media lately. From the unofficial, President Obama for re-election campaign video featuring actor, Samuel L Jackson entitled ‘Wake The F*ck Up’  to the (try not to fall off your chair) scandalous news that relatively clean-cut pop star, Ashlee Simpson will drop the F-bomb frequently in her comeback single.

Samuel L Jackson, Wake The F**k up!, President Obama, 2012 Presidential Election

Rightly or wrongly, I must confess, I’m partial to the odd profanity burst as long as it’s not directed at anyone, you aren’t offending anyone and you have chosen your audience wisely. The F-word is often my expletive of choice due to its ability to intensify and express a variety of moods, it’s quite versatile isn’t it?

It’s rather hard not to sit up and take notice once you spot Samuel L Jackson’s furrowed brow in said video as he angrily suggests Americans need to ‘Wake the f**k up’ in reference to the possibility of Republican candidate, Mitt Romney winning the upcoming American Presidential election. While I personally agree with Jackson’s sentiments, I do question whether the gratuitous use of this particular swear word is the most effective way to sway the votes of conservative, right-wing types in the United States.

In slightly lighter news, after a 4 year absence, singer and younger sister of Jessica, Ashlee Simpson (remember when she was caught out miming on American television show, Saturday Night Live. Really Ashlee? The clue was kind of in the show’s title) is set to make her return to music this month, and this time she’s throwing in the odd F-word here and there. Now judge me if you want but if memory serves me right, Ashlee’s music wasn’t the worst and I remember liking a few of her songs so I can’t help but feel this new found potty-mouth is just for some sort of unecessary shock value in a bid to keep up with the likes of self-confessed ‘Bad b*tch’, with, ‘no muzzel’, Nicki Minaj.

Again, when is the F-word O.K, when is it inappropriate and when is it downright desperate?

Click here to see the ‘Wake The F**k Up’ video.


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