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Dreaming of Dream Phone: (‘I know What it is, but I’m Not Telling Ha Ha)

For the majority of twenty somethings the current craze for 90s nostalgia can prove a little overwhelming.  For us, this is the first time we will experience an era, and all the nonsense we thought we had left behind as children, remerge in to main stream culture.  It can also possibly make you feel ‘well old’. Yes, we are now firm members of the ‘oh well first time around it was BETTER’ club and pity the new kids on the block who didn’t have Cher Horowitz and her revolving closet as a fashion icon to worship growing up.  The most depressing notion though I have been looking at is the absence of Dream Phone for our younger generations.  The queen of tween board game surely must be making a reappearance in the midst of the nineties nostalgia?  Well, having researched in to this (professional purposes only/Christmas wish list 2012) it turns out the original game has in fact been updated.  The new version however comes with what looks like an electronic hand held mobile and, well, basically sucks!

Dream Phone 2012 Dream Phone nineties board games

Dream Phone 2012 Dream Phone nineties board games

My cousins and me played away vast quantities of our youth in the presence of Dream Phone, and ultimately at the time I really thought I would meet a great guy like Chad…because he likes hot dogs just like me! It’s meant to be!  But despite a few original copies knocking around on eBay, for a staggeringly expensive price, it looks like this is one nineties gem that might not capture the next generation.   I mean, how else are they going to learn how to stalk boys properly?

Check out this great YouTube clip and the utter excitement on these girls’ faces, years before they are blessed with the film ‘He’s Just Not That In To You’:


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3 comments on “Dreaming of Dream Phone: (‘I know What it is, but I’m Not Telling Ha Ha)

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  2. Hannah
    November 8, 2012

    I remember it well!

  3. Helen Coakley
    November 8, 2012

    Me and my friends have started playing real life dream phone and calling each other up with ‘he’s not in the club but he is at the kebab van!’

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