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Maids to measure, bespoke bridesmaid dresses

Maids to measure is a unique answer to angst-fuelled shopping-missions to secure bridesmaid dresses. At just 12 months old, Maids to measure (founded by India & Sinclair Sellars), has a fully booked schedule of appointments at their Fulham studio, as well as an ever-ascending profile.


Having embarked on a bridesmaid-dress buying trip earlier this year, I can vouch that traipsing around Covent Garden in a torrential downpour, mother in tow,  is not all that much fun.  By mid-afternoon operation ‘beachy-coral-maxi-dress’ was flailing; everyone was hangry (hungry/angry) and despite trying on numerous dresses, we were struggling to find a single style which catered for differing heights, skin tones and bra-sizes. 

Sinclair had experienced similar shopping traumas and India had seen a gap in the market whilst working at Vera Wang.  They then began offering a made-to-measure service just to friends and family before the idea snow-balled into a business.   The bride and bridesmaids-to-be spend a leisurely appointment enjoying champagne, posh cakes and try on dresses in the beautifully designed dressing room.  The meeting is structured to be fun and hassle-free with a consultant on hand to showcase samples and swatches, offer advice and take accurate measurements.  Maids to measure provide a variety of shapes, colours, lengths and finishes, meaning there’s something to suit all figures and no-one has to compromise or negotiate straps versus non-straps.  They can even factor in a future pregnancy bump. 

Alternatively you can design dresses online and have the finished garments delivered.  A truly bespoke experience, all dresses are made in England by an in-house team and dresses are made to actual measurements as opposed to rounding up/down to a standardised size.

Although many brides opt for traditional colours and finishes, choosing a bespoke service allows you to deviate from conventional styles.  One destination wedding selected fluorescent pink maxi dresses (which looked incredible with an Ibizia tan) and liberty prints have recently been added to the range, so boundaries have broadened to allow for more creativity.

Recently winning Best Newcomer at The Wedding Industry Awards 2012, the business continues to grow rapidly.  By collaborating with industry affiliates and expanding into menswear, maids to measure has swiftly established themselves within a crowded market.  The Maidsmen provide ties, cravats, pocket squares and waistcoats for grooms and their ushers, with the benefit of coordinating perfectly with the bridesmaid’s outfits.

Dresses ordered online are £215.  Appointments are complimentary, all dresses are £255 which includes fittings and an alteration.

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2 comments on “Maids to measure, bespoke bridesmaid dresses

  1. blondekatie
    November 10, 2012

    I can still remember going for shopping for bridesmaids dress for my auntie’s wedding when I was 6 years old and her crying in a shop because we couldn’t find the right ones, I didn’t realise it caused more angst than the actual wedding dress itself!

  2. Scott
    January 5, 2013

    Anyone any idea of the address of the studio as we have an appointment but have not been given the address despite phone calls and emails

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