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LOOK who’s got a magazine internship

For me nothing much beats switching off from the world, putting your feet up and burying your head in a good magazine. It’s due to this long time love affair of mine that I decided to pursue a writing career in the first place; so imagine my excitement at the start of this month when I got offered a month long internship at one of my favourite weekly glossies, Look magazine.

Since its launch back in 2007, Look magazine have proved themselves to be an invaluable source of High Street clothing information through their popular ‘High Street Hottest’ section which is compiled of some of the best picks from everyone’s favourite shops such as Topshop, New Look and H & M. Throw some fun celebrity gossip into the mix, along with  beauty tips, cosmetic product reviews, topical real life stories and what you’re left with is one of the best possible recipes for engaging many young females across the U.K, otherwise known as a typical Look issue.

Look is first and foremost an affordable fashion magazine and it never fails to inspire my clothing and accessory choices by constantly reinventing different ways to put together outfits with their various style pages therefore frequently leaving me thinking, ‘Oh, I would never have thought of that’. It caters to many different dress sizes and price ranges so there really is something for everyone and I have found many a great key wardrobe piece with Look’s help. Clearly going up in the word, the magazine even has its own annual High Street catwalk show which features the likes of Kelly Brook as a model and attracts many famous faces to the front row.

It’s early days yet but I intend to squeeze out as much experience as possible from this work placement so hopefully I am bursting full of impressive stories at the end of my month long stint. Until then though, wish me luck.


3 comments on “LOOK who’s got a magazine internship

  1. Hannah
    November 9, 2012

    Well done. That’s a fantastic opportunity. I hope it goes really well for you!

  2. katyspry
    November 11, 2012

    Thank you so much Hannah! x

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