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Operation: stop being lazy

Having moved house recently, the slog to the gym was even further-away, geographically as well as on my must-get-around-to list.  I decided coasting along, half-heartedly swimming laps with 10-minute breaks in the sauna, wasn’t really getting me any fitter. 

I therefore quit and joined a teeny gym which specialises in personal training.  My bank account has taken a bit of a beating but on the plus side it’s located on the very same road I inhabit and the structure of the program means I can’t pick and choose when (not) to go.  After my initial taster session, which left me feeling light-headed and incapable of climbing stairs for two days, it was obvious that my fitness is at the lower end of the spectrum.  All those hours in the old gym, watching MTV and pretending to stretch, were a complete waste of time and I might as well have stayed in, wine in hand, watching Hollyoaks after all. Damn. 

Starting in November means I’m ahead of the new-years-resolution curve and I can avoid the misery of starting an unmotivated ‘new-year, new-me’ regime unaided on 1st January….I’ll check back with updates so you can track my pain and (hopefully) Miranda Kerr-shaped progress.


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