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WTF of the day: Karl Lagerfeld drew a picture of Obama. As a chef. With a White House made of cake.

I have been gorging myself on President Obama memes (Obamemes?) ever since he was reelected last week, from the adorable video of him crying while thanking his campaign team in Chicago to the most liked and retweeted photo in the history of social media. But possibly the weirdest post-election image doing the rounds this week comes from the fashion world, and its most eccentric uncle, Karl Lagerfeld.

Asked by German Newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung to produce a sketch of the US Head of State, the Chanel designer delivered a large scale picture of Obama in front of the American flag. So far, so normal, except in the drawing the President also happens to be wearing full chef whites and carrying what appears to be carrying a cake in the shape of the White House. Behold:

Karl Lagerfeld's Obama sketch 2012 Karl Lagerfeld sketches Obama 2012 Karl Lagerfeld's Obama drawing image picture President Obama Karl Lagerfeld sketch picture drawing image 2012 election fashion designer President Barack Obama
It gets weirder. WWD reports that Lagerfeld used Shu Uemera makeup to colour in the image (I smell a product placement here) and he added a caption in German, which translates as: ‘The Biggest Chef in the World: 10 X 5 Stars.’ Lagerfeld claims he’s ‘not a political person’ and simply said ‘the subject was inspiring.’ Perhaps the White House in the picture is meant to be to scale and gigantic Obama is, quite literally, the biggest chef in the world. Or perhaps it’s a social commentary on the obesity epidemic that Michelle Obama is working to cure.  Or maybe Karl reckons the Presidential debates should be replaced with the Great US Bake Off. Well, whatever it means it sure did crack me up. Hats off to the chef.


One comment on “WTF of the day: Karl Lagerfeld drew a picture of Obama. As a chef. With a White House made of cake.

  1. patinaandcompany
    November 13, 2012

    Hahahah! THis is such a hilarious post. Glad you shared your thoughts on that.

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