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Operation: stop being lazy – PROGRESS UPDATE

So, two weeks into my fitness project and I’ve clocked up 6 full hours of intensive exercise incorporating 2 x PT sessions, 2 x spinning classes, 2 x circuit training.  Three hours a week doesn’t sound like much but I’m starting from a low base and besides, I count commuting as cardio. 

Having pursued more tranquil forms of exercise in the past (Pilates, gentle swimming, leisurely jogging etc.) I’m surprised at how much I sweat after an hour of ‘proper’ exercise.  There’s a sweat-shaped silhouette of me on the warm-down mat after each session which takes some vigorous towel wiping to remove.  Thank god I only have to cross the road to get home  – my legs are usually in shock and have gone a bit weak and spindly but worse, I look like I’ve been caught in a downpour.

The trainers have been kind and not laughed (out loud) at my lack of flexibility, sedentary lifestyle or when I fell on my face during a ‘full’ press-up.  It’s proving a mental workout as well as a physical one as my brain computes new moves and coordinates limbs in the correct direction. We won’t call it lack of ability, we’ll call it ‘room for improvement.’

The worst feeling is getting out of bed at 6.15am however this is quickly replaced by feeling of immense smugness as I eat breakfast at 8am having completed the brutal workout.  I used to think people were metal when they said exercise gives you energy but I do feel more focused during the day and don’t crave my 11am Snickers as much.

I don’t feel any slimmer or weigh any less but there’s some subtle muscle definition on my arms and legs that wasn’t there before.  I need to stop  the daily vending machine habit to nudge my progress along a bit and with festivities pending, the temptation to eat celebrations for lunch will be hard to resist.  Need. Willpower.


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