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Step back in time for a night | 1940s Blitz Party

We have all been there. You receive news of an upcoming party and in your excitement you begin rocking off a list in your head of all possible outfits fit for the occasion. That is, until you come across that one vital piece of information instructing you to, ‘Come in Fancy Dress’. Panic sets in as you promptly scrap your already compiled mental list in order to make way for that one simple question, “What the hell am I going to wear?”

Blitz Party, Shoreditch, 1940s, wartime

However, this was not the case for me last weekend after I was asked along to Shoreditch for a 1940s Blitz Party in an old air raid shelter where wartime attire is mandatory. I found I could breathe a sigh of relief with this invite as most of the tools I needed to achieve the vintage look required I already had lying around. Luckily, the Forties style is timeless and you can almost always find an affordable dress resembling those from this particular era on the High Street, or already hanging up in your wardrobe. Throw on some red lippy, a cute cardigan, dig out a trusty pack of kirby grips and a lot of hairspray in order to create a wartime appropriate hairstyle and voilà, instant 1940s costume. Simple and stress free.

Blitz Party, Shoreditch, 1940s, wartime

The dimly lit air raid shelter included two bars with smartly dressed bartenders complete with Ration Book style cocktail menus which included an array of Blitz themed drinks and fantastic wartime décor such as sandbags and old-fashioned food containers dotted around the venue. Not forgetting a live band, also in fancy dress, playing some classics from the time for you to Jitterbug along to, or at least attempt to.

Blitz Party, Shoreditch, 1940s, wartime

It was clear all who attended had really made an effort, the men just as much as the women in their military uniforms (insert slightly immature but extremely apt ‘wink’ emoticon here). This contributed to the great atmosphere and a really different kind of night out that I won’t forget for a while so I felt inclined to recommend it to you all if you were yet go.

If you like the idea of celebrating  the New Year in a different style to the norm, 1940s style that is, then the next Shoreditch Blitz Party takes place on New Year’s Eve, Monday 31st December. Tickets are on sale now, click here to find out more.


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