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New British Skincare Brand: MERUMAYA

I can only imagine the struggle involved in launching a brand new skincare range in what is a saturated, highly competitive market, yet that’s precisely what Maleka Dattu has achieved.

After working amongst the top brands for 30 years – including Clinique, Lancome and Origins – the entrepreneur decided to go it alone and concoct some high-end skincare products at affordable prices.  The products don’t come with fantastical claims but do come with an ‘end-game’ view and utilise words such as: integrative, evidence-based and long-term performance.

The only issue I have with the branding is the over-use of the word ‘youth’ and ‘youthful.’  I understand the anti-aging properties of the range however as they are aimed at all skin types and all ages, a less youth-obsessed message may appeal to younger (and possibly older) market.  On the plus side, Merumaya avoids some quick fix miracle-speak which we have come to associate with some youth enhancing brands, which is refreshing

I got to test the Iconic Youth Serum and Intensely Youthful Eye Cream.  With a carefully selected cocktail of 10 highly active ingredients, the serum is destined to live up to its name and the eye cream made me look less tired after some late nights and early starts.  I mostly love the idea that the integrated approach is not just a short-term fix but a long-term investment.

The range is set to expand with supplements and bath/body products which will complete the integrative approach.  There is also a mini kit which you can buy to test the range before buying.


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