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ICEBAR London Adventures

There’s always a sense of achievement when you finally do something you have planned to do for ages. It’s that satisfying feeling of ticking something off your bucket list, another memory and another experience under your belt, or in the case of the younger generations, another impressive Facebook album and/or profile picture to proudly display. I had the pleasure of being in this position at the weekend, yes ladies and gentlemen, I went to the ICEBAR.

ICEBAR London, Mayfair, ICEHOTEL, tourist attraction

A trip to the ICEBAR in central London definitely brings out ones inner child. My attempts to stop smiling on arrival and refrain from clapping my hands excitedly after receiving our futuristic blue Parkas were in vain. They came complete with cosy gloves that allow you to caress the walls in a bid to prove to yourself that it’s not glass and that you are in fact encased in an igloo like structure that just so happens to have a bar and annoyingly limited seating.

ICEBAR London, Mayfair, ICEHOTEL, Tourist Attraction

Once any child-like tendencies calm down you find yourself slowly but surely morphing into one of those oh-so-cliché tourists. As you begin posing for a series of generic pictures whilst clutching your novelty ice glass and trying to convey an expression which screams, ‘look everyone, it’s real ice!’, you can’t help but sigh at yourself in your icy reflection, but it has to be done, doesn’t it?

ICEBAR London, ICEHOTEL, Mayfair, tourist attraction

Overall it was a fun outing but due to the cold it’s near impossible to stay for any real length of time and if you’re looking for something different to do in London, it’s a good port of call. However, you are paying to be cold in a country where a lot of time and energy is spent desperately trying to keep warm so don’t be entirely surprised if, ironically, you start longing for a warm, normal bar halfway through your visit.

ICEBAR London, Mayfair, ICEHOTEL, tourist attraction


One comment on “ICEBAR London Adventures

  1. erinorange
    November 30, 2012

    Ditto – went on a terribly rainy day when the last thing I wanted to do was be in a room full of ice – good experience otherwise!

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